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Top 5 Pilates Studio in Toronto

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When you are as driven as Anita Ivic giving up is never an option, no matter the circumstances. Dancing ballet since she was very young, Anita always knew the importance of being healthy. When she was 11, she suffered an injury from a car accident, which did not hinder her dance career whatsoever. She started rehabilitation through Pilates which allowed her to earn her degree in dance and become a professional dancer. Pilates has always complimented her training and Anita eventually became a Pilates instructor at various physiotherapy clinics and studios. Carrying a vast knowledge on how the body works and its movement, Anita took a huge leap in her career and took over Imprint Pilates in 2008 and the studio is now taking the city by storm.
At Imprint Pilates there are a variety of classes & programs offered. Not only does Imprint Pilates specialize in Private and Semi-private Pilates they also offer Yoga, Massage Therapy,  Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Physiotherapy.  What distinguishes Imprint Pilates from other studios is their dynamic integrative health services but mostly their Rehab Pilates programming and Prenatal and postnatal programs.
Pilates for rehabilitation is a therapeutic approach to your Pilates programming integrating Imprint Pilates modified exercises based on your injuries, limitations, strengths and weaknesses.Injury prevention and re educating movement patterns, correct alignment and posture are taught for optimal recovery.juneimprints
The pilates programs offered at Imprint are as follows:
  • Private Pilates or Yoga classes: allow you to have one-on-one training with an instructor, the instructor will create your own specialized workout to focus on the areas that you want to improve
  • Semi-private Pilates or Yoga: so you and your friend can sweat it out together!
  • Small Group classes on the mat with props
  • Reformer classes: small classes size for a more personal experience
For you Pilates newbies, the reformer is an efficient machine that adds resistance with pulleys and cords. The reformer is great for those who want to take it to the next level. However, the mat utilizes your body weight and with proper technique does the exact same thing!
Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Imprint Pilates is right at Spadina and Adelaide. So if you’re coming straight from work it’s the perfect location for you to get that quick personalized workout fix. Similarly to Yoga, Pilates is a terrific way to banish stress by working on circulation to alleviate tension.
Take some time out of your busy work day to see how Imprint Pilates can put you on the road to become a healthier, stronger you!

Twitter: @ImprintPilates
Instagram: @ImprintPilates
Contact: 416-939-9545

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